3 Reasons To Repair & Reuse Shoes


Footwear impacts the way you walk as well as your posture, so it’s only right that you give your shoes the care they need. There are many benefits to heel and shoe repair; quality shoes are expensive to replace, so if they are mendable not only are you saving yourself a large expense, you are also being environmentally-friendly.


  1. Reinforcing and repairing shoes will make them longer lasting, which means you never have to say goodbye to your favourite pair of shoes because they are damaged and no longer stocked with a retailer.  

  2. If you own a pair of shoes that you no longer love, consider adapting the style, in other words ‘refashioning’. It could be as simple as having them dyed to transform the shoe to good as new.

  3. Remember - care for your footwear from the start, invest in protection to keep them weather friendly and fresh. Use a dedicated product as per type of material. Waterproofing spray and suede spray, leather cleaner. 

Preparing Your Wardrobe For a Seasonal Swap


It’s important to separate your seasonal clothing in order to maximise your wardrobe and get ready for the season ahead. Below we have listed a few tips to get you spring/ summer ready..

  • Start by pulling out non-seasonal items, there will always be some transitional items to take in to consideration, like jeans, layering pieces and blazers - to name a few, however the majority like thick jumpers that can be stored away for summer will take up unnecessary space.

  • Another important factor is to review and declutter - get rid of items you no longer need or haven’t worn for a substantial amount of time. This will help you fill the gaps of what you actually need, rather than what you are keeping for the sake of it.

  • Arrange for all items to be dry cleaned or washed at home so they are ready to go for the next season change.

  • Ensure that any items that you are going to be storing have moth repellent products - available at Total Wardrobe Care. Additionally, by following the step above this will help with prevention of any infestations.

  • Store all items in garment bags and boxes to maintain the quality of each item. We would recommend labelling each bag or box, in case you need to access prior to the next season change.

If you are short for space, here at Total Wardrobe Storage, we offer seasonal storage that you can access at any time and view online with your very own web wardrobe. All items are cared for to the highest standard so you are left with piece of mind.