Summer Holiday Packing Tips

There’s nothing quite like going on holiday and trying to fit everything but the kitchen sink in your suitcase. It’s very easy to over pack and with luggage prices sky high, the last thing you want is to be hit with an additional charge at the airport, so whether you’re packing for a city break or two week holiday, take the stress out of the process with a few helpful tips…

First things first, pick a good suitcase – lightweight but sturdy, as well as suitable for frequent trips, check it against the airlines you are most likely to fly with so you know you get the most use for your money (especially if you’re buying a hand luggage case!).

Top tips:

  • Write a packing checklist
  • Make yourself aware of the baggage policies – they vary, so it’s worth taking the time to do a bit of research beforehand.
  • Plan your outfits around the activities you will be doing. I would say 2x outfits per day is usually standard. Regardless of what you’re doing you will probably change for the evening, even if it’s just a change of shoes or top!
  • Try on all outfits prior to trip – not only do you get a feel as to whether you like the combination, it’s also good to check each item fits properly (especially if you haven’t worn it since last summer!)
  • Once you’ve picked your outfits, take a photo so you can source the items from your suitcase easily and take the hassle out of choosing an outfit there and then.
  • Roll rather than fold to save space in your suitcase – this helps with creasing.
  • Organise by packing in sections (you can buy case separators or storage bags!)
  • Wear the heaviest items to travel in, especially as it can get a bit chilly on the plane once the air con is blasted.
  • Always take a jacket – in case the weather is subject to change (more relative to city breaks, but you never know when there may be a downpour!)
  • Separate all shoes in shoe bags to ensure clothing isn’t marked during travel (available from TWC here)
  • Take a laundry bag for all dirty underwear to keep it separate.
  • Take a lint roller to get rid of any fluff on your clothing – available here!