Cluttered wardrobes? In need of extra storage?

Wardrobe Storage Made Simple for You!

From suits and shirts to dresses and skirts, Total Wardrobe Storage has luxury storage solutions to help you get back in control of your wardrobe. We make storing your garments simple and easy with our secure collection and delivery service; handling your items with great care to and from your front door.

Storing Your Garments

We understand that finding the time in a busy week to maintain and store luxury items sufficiently is not always an easy task. However, it is an important job and should be carried out correctly to conserve your garment appearance and value. Our wardrobe assistants are on hand to make sure your garments are looked after to the highest of standards.

Once your items have arrived ready for storage, they will be checked. Arrangements will be made for any dry cleaning required, repairs or valeting; transforming and preserving your much-loved items. Garments will be individually stored in high quality garment bags avoiding damage, marking and fading; ready for you to wear confidently at any occasion.

Your Wardrobe is Only a Click Away!

An unorganised, crowded wardrobe can be the home of many misplaced and forgotten garments and treasures just waiting to be worn. We will photograph all your items and upload them to your very own personal web wardrobe; the perfect tool for rediscovering those hidden gems and stylish outfit.

This is also a very handy tool when you want a seasonal swap, changing your winter wardrobe for summer clothes and accessories, and vice versa. Your clothes are never more than a click away!

Taking the Hard Work Out of Storage

Let Total Wardrobe Storage take the laborious work out of wardrobe storage. Have peace of mind that your luxury items are being cared for and stored in the best way possible, by professionals, offering a premium service to London and surrounding areas, no matter what season.

Get in touch with us today to start your storing with Total Wardrobe Storage today!