How To Care For Your Handbags


Handbags are an investment and certainly even more so if they retain their value. This can be attained simply by taking good care of them…

-      Prevent damage by using leather protection cream or treatment as soon as you purchase the bag. It adds a protective barrier that prevents staining and grease.  


-      Clean your bag regularly, a quick wipe down does the job on a more frequent basis, however it is recommended to have your bag professionally cleaned every 2-3months. 


-      Only use specialist leather cleaner – avoid using home remedies as these can cause damage like drying or colour loss. 


-      Keep your bag in a dust bag when not in use. This will prevent dust building up and avoid any unnecessary damage whilst being stored away. 


-      Stuff your bags to maintain their shapes – even if it’s with old clothing.


-      Use a handbag hook – their purpose is to keep your handbag safe from dirty floors and wet surfaces. 


-      Certain materials require different care; suede is delicate and susceptible to fading, avoid water and oil.