If you don’t require storage space, however you still want all of your garments photographed to be logged on a web wardrobe, this is something we also provide.

It is important to be fully up to date with the items in your wardrobe, especially if you frequently travel or when its coming up to an important event.

Photography at Home or in Our Studio

We have an in-house photographer that will travel to your home and photograph all of your items, the images will be edited and sent back to you.

If you choose, we can still upload these to your own web wardrobe where you can view them logged with a description and individually numbered. Alternatively, we can collect the garments, photograph them in our own studio and then send them back to you. This way you still have all the items photographed and logged with a detailed description, but the garments stay within your own wardrobe.

This service is vital if you have a large wardrobe, you frequently travel and require someone to prepare your wardrobe for the next trip, regularly attend events where your outfits need to be pre-planned.

Photography service prices:

Full day (9-5) of photographing garments in your own home, with photographer and assistant with equipment: £600.00 per day.

Editing of images: £3.00 per image

Logging of each item onto web wardrobe: £1.00 per item

Non-woven breathable storage bag: £1.00

Non slip rubber hanger: £3.00

An example of the online web wardrobe where all items are professionally photographed, logged with a description and numbered: