Throughout the year it is easy to collect many new items without realising. With ever changing trends and designers, before you know it your wardrobe can be out of control!

Here at Total Wardrobe Storage, before you start your storage term or within a season swap, we can provide a wardrobe detox service.

What does a Wardrobe Detox include?

This service includes a member(s) of the team coming to your home and detoxing your wardrobe alongside yourself. We will help you decide on the clothes you want to keep/lose and the best way to organise your wardrobe to utilise space. We can also provide you with styling advice if required, and generally help you manage your wardrobe going into a new season. Through this process you are creating a zen environment when it comes to deciding each day what you are going to wear.

Wardrobe detox prices

Full day (9-5) with two members of the team coming to your location, services including: Styling advice, organisational help, disposal of any unwanted items, alterations, photography, inventory of items and online wardrobe logging priced at £600 per day.

Photography per item: £3

Logging per item: £1

Breathable non-woven garment bags: £1

Non-slip rubber hanger: £3