Wardrobe curation is a vital part of any busy lifestyle, our expert team are here to provide a personalised, bespoke and discrete service whilst developing and curating your wardrobe into a beautifully organised space. 

Our service is ideal for individuals who have many garments and need a wardrobe transformation to de-clutter and maximise space, those who travel frequently or who are moving or renting properties. 


This service includes our team coming to your home and discussing your wardrobe needs. We will estimate the number of garments you have in your wardrobe and space required, discuss with you what options you would like as part of the service, e.g. photographing each item, cataloguing, items to be sold. 

We offer the following options:

-       An online inventory with all items logged with a detailed description of each item, including colour, brand, style and size. This can vary from very basic to a comprehensive selection of information. 

-       Photographic online catalogue of all your items (this will require the items to be brought back to our studio in batches, to ensure you are left with items you require for everyday use). 

-       Dry cleaning and alterations if required after condition report has been finalised. 

-       Wardrobe organisation and storage to create a well-presented space, ensuring every day dressing is made easier. 

-       Multiple storage options and wardrobe care products are available to purchase as part of the service. 

-       Selling unwanted items – we collaborate with online second-hand authenticated fashion outlets to sell your items. 


Price on request as per requirements, starting from £5 per item.

Re-sale of items - Depending on the number of items you sell, we will charge a set amount rather than commission per item.