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Total Wardrobe Storage

Total Wardrobe Storage


All clothing and items are able to be stored here at Total Wardrobe Storage, this includes:

Handbag Storage

There are only so many handbags a closet can hold at once. With designer handbags becoming a smart investment piece, it's important to make sure they are properly cared for. The better the care, the more valuable they become. Such bulky items can take up a lot of space, here at Total Wardrobe Storage we can help!

Your handbags, clutches etc are individually wrapped and stored in a breathable box, ready and waiting for your transitional swaps. This avoids the damage, marking and fading of your handbags. Your handbags will be photographed and uploaded onto your own web wardrobe making it easy to plan future outfits!

Shoe Storage

If shoes are cared for correctly, they can last forever. Here at Total Wardrobe Storage you can have the luxury of putting your shoes in breathable shoe bags or, upon your request, they can be kept in their original box, which is then stored in your own breathable box. Each pair are photographed, making it easy for you to request them back whenever you need them!

Accessory Storage

 All accessories are individually wrapped and stored in boxes; this can be from gloves to sunglasses. Every fashion item has its place here at Total Wardrobe Storage. Each accessory is photographed on a mannequin making it easy to visualise what each item is.

Hat Storage

Instead of having a hundred bulky boxes piled on top of your wardrobe, give your hats to us. Your hats are kept in boxes in our storage unit and will be photographed and visible on your online wardrobe.

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