How To Maintain A Moth Free Wardrobe


Prevention is key, in order to maintain a moth free wardrobe…

1.     Regular deep cleans

Moths like to breed in warm, humid, dark and undisturbed areas.  The first step in eliminating a moth infestation is to remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers. Hoover everywhere, including the corners of your drawers and all surrounding areas. Wash and wipe all your surfaces to kill off any larvae present. Ensure all clothing removed is washed or dry cleaned before being returned. Moths are mostly drawn to the human sweat, hair and body oil that are left on clothing, particularly those made out of natural fibres (wool, feathers, fur and silk).

2.     Store clothing properly

Any items that will remain unworn when it comes to a seasonal swap (especially knitwear in summer months) should be stored in washable and breathable cotton garment storage bags. Fabrics should be able to breathe to prevent mould so it is important to not use plastic. For folded items use a storage box with acid free tissue paper.


3.     Moth repellent products  

Whilst maintaining your moth free wardrobe, to avoid playing host to unwanted visitors you must be vigilant to the signs of infestation. The most effective way to do this is to use a selection of anti-moth products, made from natural fragrances. Item’s such as anti-moth drawer liners, moth boxes and cedar balls are a great place to start. You can buy all products online with our sister company Total Wardrobe Care. An inexpensive way to keep your best garments looking great.