Spring Clean Wardrobe Tips

Although we are only just saying goodbye to the snow, today is officially spring.

It’s time to be ruthless, out with the old and in with the new. The wardrobe is probably the best place to start when decluttering your bedroom. Once your wardrobe is organised the rest of the bedroom will follow. Believe it or not this is a very long task, so enlist your best friend (or someone who’s opinion you trust) to help you make some hard decisions on that dress you’ve never worn but for some reason you keep hold of it as it ‘might come in handy one day’.

Total Wardrobe Storage blog post

Firstly make four different piles, one to keep, one to give to charity, one for storage and one to throw in the bin. Pull everything out of your wardrobe and hoover and wash the inside of your wardrobe, so that it’s fresh and ready to store your garments again.

Make different sections for your garments e.g. jackets, jumpers, dresses and so on. If you want to take your organisation up another level section your clothes into long sleeve, short sleeve and buttoned up etc. It’s also a great idea to put each section in colour order, so when you pick out an outfit it’s easier to go to the colour section to find your matching garment.

Other than making your wardrobe look beautiful spring cleaning can improve productivity, it improves your health by getting rid of allergens, it also reduces stress and makes you happy. The final result of a spring clean can leave you feeling accomplished and ready for a shopping spree!

Take a before and after picture and tag our Instagram in your progress pictures! And if your London wardrobe is still over crowded then give us a ring on 023 80776585 or send us an email (lily@totalwardrobestorage.com / jessica@totalwardrobestorage.com) and we will find a luxury storage solution for you!