There are only so many accessories a closet can hold; from handbags and shoes to hats and sunglasses, we can store all of your accessories!


Handbag Storage

Total wardrobe storage accessories storage

Designer handbags are the perfect wardrobe staple and can be smart investment pieces. However, they can also be bulky items to properly store and care for. At Total Wardrobe Storage, we specialise in storing luxury items. With our professional expertise you can rest assured that your bags will retain their appearance, giving them the best opportunity to increase in value.

We individually wrap and store your handbags and clutches in breathable boxes, safely protected from damage or fading until your transitional swaps.


Shoe Storage

If your Shoes are cared for correctly, they can last forever. When storing your shoes with Total Wardrobe Storage, we box each pair separately in breathable shoe bags. Upon your request, your shoes can be kept in original boxes, which are then stored in your own breathable shoe box.


Hat Storage

Say goodbye to hundreds of bulky hat boxes piled high in your wardrobe! Let Total Wardrobe Storage store your hats professionally, saving you much needed wardrobe space.


Accessories Storage

How often have you misplaced those much-loved accessories that would perfectly complete your ensemble? Many small accessories easily go missing, some are even broken. To avoid this, we individually wrap all accessories, then safely store them in boxes, ready for you to pair with your outfits for every occasion.


View your Wardrobe on the Go!

All items you store with Total Wardrobe Storage are photographed and uploaded to your very own web wardrobe. Our online cataloguing service makes it simple and easy to plan outfits on the go from any mobile device or while at home after a long week of work. Our collection and delivery service ensures your luxury items are cared for and safe, allowing you to maximise your downtime.

Total Wardrobe Storage